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Welcome to Focus Forward Horsemanship
The Focus Forward Method is a new way of looking at age-old horse training concepts, meant for intermediate to advanced level riders of any interest or discipline who desire to improve their horse’s performance or to build a strong foundation. Like a house, a horses’ start, his "foundation",  should be simple and well constructed. Without such a base, any further training will be misunderstood by the horse.
 Whether it be for the sake of competition, or for the satisfaction that comes from merely seeing your horse blossom with understanding and acceptance, the Focus Forward method will get results with horses at any level of training.

Horsemanship starts in the mind, through knowledge and then assimilation of that knowledge so completely  into the rider’s body, that the mind becomes merely an observer, a passive entity on auto pilot. Then this “mind-body” creates the link, the sense of unity, with the horse.

The Focus Forward horseman needs no round pen to achieve this oneness with his horse. The boundaries are set up within the mind-body of the trainer. The horse gets his security where he should find it- in his rider...without the need for expensive gadgets.
The rider is the boundary. The rider is the fence. The rider is the gadget. And you can take that boundary anywhere you and your horse care to travel. 

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