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About Deanna Esmaeel
Deanna has over 40 years experience as an equestrian professional, riding instructor, horse trainer, facilities manager, movie animal company owner, and Hollywood filmmaker.

As a Head Wrangler in movies and television, Deanna provided horses and riders for "Army of Darkness" working closely with director Sam Raimi.  Also among her coordinating credits are "Dead Man’s Revenge" with Kenny Rogers, "A Father for Charlie" with Lou Gossett Jr., and "Four Diamonds", a Disney family film.  She has worked with and trained actors and celebrities in horsemanship including- Bruce Campbell, Lou Gossett Jr., Tobin Bell, and Randy Travis.  

She has coordinated chases, charges, medieval jousting, shoot-outs, runaway wagons, and escape from barns on fire. She is experienced at writing and directing animal action sequences for feature films, television, videos, industrial shoots and print ads.

Deanna has been an equestrian facilities manager, and is experienced at teaching english, western, dressage, show jumping, combined training, and vaulting.  She is also a skilled cinematographer.

"The rider is the boundary. 

The rider is the fence. 

The rider is the gadget. 

And you can take that boundary anywhere you and your horse care to travel. "

Welcome to the Focus Forward Method- 

“ No Fences Horsemanship!"

 ---- Deanna Esmaeel
      Lou Gossett Jr.
                         Tobin Bell
Training Bruce Campbell for "Army of Darkness"
Deanna on set!