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Focus Forward Horsemanship
White Fox Horse Rescue
     White Fox Horse Rescue and Rehab is a fledgling rescue organization dedicated to housing and rehabilitating abandoned or unwanted horses, and educating the public to cultivate an appreciation for equines and their needs in current times. 
     We work with special needs youth and unite them with rescued horses, for the therapeutic benefit of both the kids and the equines.
     We take in special needs equines who need to be re-homed for many reasons. In our economic climate many people can no longer afford to give horses proper and humane care, or they have been abused and neglected. Some of them have emotional problems or lamenesses. Our goal is to provide them with a safe, happy and humane environment, give them adequate veterinary and shoeing care, and rehabilitate them humanely to the best of their capabilities. 

Quick-Release Knots 101 !!
Beautiful Belle- Rescued

We wish to thank everyone who donated to repair our well, which broke down in November 2014. We still need to finish paying for it, please see link at top of page to donate!
"A 501- C3 recognized public charity"