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Focus Forward Horsemanship
The Book is here!!!!!       

 "The Balanced Ride"-
3 Steps to a Balanced Horse- in ANY Discipline!


In this book, learn...
-What is the single most important tool every horseman needs in their horse training toolbox?

-How do you use the three concepts of Focus Forward Horsemanship- Focus, Forward and Containment- to effectively and simply balance your horse?

-Are you  creating anxiety or creating responsiveness in your mount?

-What some horsemen don't know- the difference between micro-managing and nagging.

- Problems and solutions..methods you haven't thought about before.

- How to find your horses' strong side and weak side, and why this is supremely important in training.

- How good head position from your horse naturally occurs as a result of correct riding.

-Using algebra and geometry to achieve perfect balance.

-The psychology of riding- What to do when you are not on your game.

- and MUCH more!!
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